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Two Ways to Search for Jobs: Proactive and Reactive

Have you ever been searching for a job or internship and feel like you’re spinning your wheels?  Don’t worry, that’s normal!  The entire process can be very overwhelming and time consuming.
Here are some tips to make the most of a proactive and reactive job search (you need both approaches). Make sure you schedule an appointment with your career advisor (call 303.871.2150) who can help you map out a strategy!
Plan to build time into your schedule to conduct your job and internship search. Block time in your calendar as if it were a class!  The best jobs and internships are found through research and networking. These both take more time than blindly applying for jobs and internships.
Reactive Job Search
Build a list of potential job or internship titles that interest you and search various databases for postings that meet your interests and qualifications.  Apply for these jobs and follow up with a contact at that organization.  A few of these databases include:
Proactive Job Search
Build a list of target companies
  • Research companies of interest and become an expert on the ones that really interest you
  • Identify companies whose cultures seem to align with your needs and preferences
  • Check their company website for job openings and apply to ones that fit your interests and qualifications
Go beyond postings
  • Connect with local industry groups and professional organizations. Consider young professional organizations if you are still in school or at the start of your career. This is a great way to build a network of peers.
  • Reach out to personal contacts and professors in the fields or positions of your interest
  • Network with employees at your target companies through LinkedIn and try scheduling some informational interviews
Propose a Job or Internship
Have a company on your target list, but they don’t currently have an opening that is a good fit for you?  Connect with someone at that organization anyway!  Have a conversation about your passion for the company and promote your skills and strengths.  Inquire about ways you could possibly help with a project as an intern or how you could get involved to get your foot in the door.

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