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Google, Facebook and Apple: How the Tech Industry Really Hires

When you think of working in the tech industry you might immediately think about highly technical jobs, like coders, computer engineers, UX designers and the like. However, most companies are going to have teams for operations, human resources, marketing, legal and a host of other functions.  What is common across these job categories, technical and non-technical roles, is that many tech companies are recruiting the top performers from any field or discipline.
Monday, October 3, DU is fortunate to have Sam Estenson, a Googler and DU Alum, back on campus to talk about working at Google and how to stand out from the crowds of applicants. He is hosting three sessions for DU students interested in working at Google or in the tech industry.
Sam is currently living near Mountain View, CA. He has a unique perspective about life in Silicon Valley and recruiting culture across the tech industry. Read more about Sam’s career path and how he transitioned from a student designed major to life as a Googler. FastCompany also published a great article recently about hiring engineers at Google, which gives great information about the holistic, big picture nature of recruiting.
We hope that you can make at least one of these events and learn more about opportunities at Google and in the tech industry.

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