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Focus on LinkedIn: Make More Money, Generate More Leads, and Jobs

LinkedIn is a valuable tool, though too few people know how to leverage it to achieve the results they want. You can use LinkedIn most effectively by creating a great profile and keeping it up to date, by interacting regularly, and building strong, lasting relationships with your connections.

You will learn:

  • What are the most important parts of a LinkedIn profile (or any professional social media, for that matter)
  • How to keep your connections engaged and interested
  • How to build and maintain lasting engagements

Richard will also teach you how to leverage your online social media presence throughout the course of your career to actively draw clients and employers to you. You’ll learn why networking and building engagement is far more effective than sending resumes all over the place, and hoping someone notices your skills and qualifications. Learn how to network like a professional, and you’ll enjoy the results of your labor – a more successful and fulfilling career and lifestyle.

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