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4 Tips to Maximize Your Long Winter Break

Everyone is looking forward to six weeks of time away from school, right?  In chatting with students from years’ past, it seems you will find that six weeks suddenly becomes a very long time to be back home with friends and family and possibly not much else to do.
Use this time to make connections and build relationships that could help with your own professional development and possibly lead to jobs and internships:
  1. Network! Everyone has parties and gatherings to attend during this festive time of the year – talk to people, ask questions, get business cards, connect on LinkedIn
  2. Using your existing and new connections, conduct informational interviews; request to job shadow
  3. Volunteer: chat with the other volunteers to find out more about what they do, and what advice they may have for you professionally
  4. Work: gaining any kind of work experience will help you enhance your professional competencies and make new connections. Look for last-minute work on Pioneer Careers, or LinkedIn.  You could even look for part-time seasonal work in retail, or hospitality, since these industries see such an uptick in business during the holiday season.  It’s not too late!
If you’re in Denver, visit with a career advisor – we are here to help!  Call 303.871.2150 to schedule an appointment.  We can do phone appointments too.

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