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13 Things I Have Learned After Becoming A Content Marketer

content-marketerI’ve been in online marketing for four years now, and I believe I’ve collected enough knowledge to share with people who are in the same position as I was at the beginning. Entering a new profession is hard, especially if you are a fresh graduate. At the same time, you begin to explore the new word which is also very exciting. I chose online marketing because it is never boring (if you like it, of course). There are so many things to do, to check, to analyze and to come up with during a day – I rarely get bored.
It was difficult from the start, though. I wish someone could have explained some things to me so that I wouldn’t have had to spend so much time learning about them myself. Now I want to make a post revealing some of those things in the hope that they can help some of you young online marketers.

People enjoy some personal touch

During these four years, I’ve come to the conclusion that people like personal approach when it comes to marketing. You can use that in email marketing, in advertising, in social networks, etc.

Be flexible

What’s hot today can be entirely outdated tomorrow. You need to be able to give easily up some techniques that you’ve been using for a long time just to try new trendy things. Marketing specialists cannot but be adaptive.

You shouldn’t expect the results right away

Starting a marketing career, I was eager to see the immediate results of my work. The truth is you have to wait. Quality online marketing is a long-term process that demands patience and persistence. Of course, you will see some improvements in the situation (or worsening, if you are not very good yet), but the general picture will start changing only after some time.

No theory is good without practice

At the day I started my first marketing job, I had quite a lot of knowledge. I had finished a marketing school and knew quite a bit. I was very confident; it is even quite embarrassing to remember right now. When I got to the actual work, I was astonished about how few practical skills I had and how many I needed to learn.

People around should be your inspiration

With my job, I have learned to notice what people think about this or that service or product and to use it to my benefit. One time I came up with a brilliant marketing idea after spending an evening with a bunch of young women sharing their opinions on different things. People are inspiring. Listen to them and notice what they want. Then use it in your work.

Pay a lot of attention to content

Content is as important as never before. People want to be entertained and informed with the content of the highest quality. Don’t offer them so-so material. Even if your copywriters are in the writer’s block phase and don’t produce anything good – don’t send people whatever; better wait until you have something great.

Don’t be upset about failures

One important thing that I’ve learned at my job is that you shouldn’t worry about failures but learn lessons from them. If an internet marketer never fails, it usually means that he is either a real genius (a very rare occasion), or he never tries anything new, which is unforgivable for this profession. If you start an unconventional campaign, and it fails, don’t worry! You have an experience now that will bring you to starting something brilliant next time.

Pay a lot of attention to social media

Social networks turned out to be a great place for marketing. I did quite well promote my products there, and I think that no business and no marketing specialist should neglect this fantastic opportunity.

Even the greatest content needs promotion

There are not so many sites that can publish a post, relax and wait for people to adore it and to share it everywhere they can. The majority of us have to promote it, to spread the word and to spend some time getting people to notice it.

You should know how to analyze

As a marketing specialist, you will need to collect a lot of data. You will need to check how much traffic comes to your site and from what sources, what people do on your site and how long they stay there, what your competitors’ situation is, etc. The most important thing though is not to collect the data, but to know what to do with it. It is important to make conclusions and to act.

The connections are crucial

At one marketing conference, I met this very cool blogger. I hadn’t heard of him before, but he turned out to be very popular. I told him about my project at that time, and he said he would mention it on his blog. I didn’t expect much from it, but in a couple of days, I noticed that the traffic to the site increased a great deal. It was after my new friend mentioned the service in his new blog post. That is just one example of how connections can help in online marketing.

You should never stop learning

Well, it actually concerns every profession and life in general. However, online marketing is such a changing thing that you may need to acquire new things very often, not mentioning learning about some basics such as marketing theory or the psychology of consumer behavior.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the product

Good marketers should be able to promote and sell about anything. However, if you have a chance, I suggest you are choosing a product you really believe in. I’ve had three big and several small projects over these four years, and I got the best results with the service that I personally really like. It is much easier to tell people it’s good when you think so.
Concluding the whole thing, I want to wish young marketing specialists a lot of inspiration and creativity. Learn something new every day, work hard and acquire new skills and you will go very far.

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