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Management Studies Journal - Restaurant Business

Restaurant Business (RS) welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the criteria of significance, academic excellence and great ideologies. Papers will be published approximately one week after acceptance.
Every manuscript is reviewed by two reviewers familiar with the relevant field of research. Our motto is to provide the quality information and knowledge that enable our readers to perform their jobs efficiently, continue their education, and help contribute to the advancement of their chosen markets. Our readers are researchers, students, academics and increasingly professionals. We help our academician advance science and health by providing world-class information and innovative tools that help them make critical decisions, enhance productivity and improve outcomes. We develops online information solutions that help professionals achieve better outcomes and results..
The objective of Restaurant Business (RS) is to disseminate new knowledge and technology for the benefit of everyone ranging from students to the academic and professional research communities and industry practitioner. We are also focusing to introduce each journal as a research platform for Commerce , Arts and Science in order to realize new theories and developments for research communities; thus bridging the gap between research theories and industrial developments. 


1. To provide a venue for dissemination of research outputs and activities in related fields. 
2. To train young scientists to the interdisciplinary skills. 
3. To integrate theoretical research with industrial development by giving an organizational frame for carrying out big and integrated projects those are beyond the manpower of single research groups. 
4. To disseminate knowledge and results in an efficient manner. 
5. To stimulate new research in engineering, computer science and applications. 
6. To raise the standard of research globally. 
7. To publish a refereed scientific journals. 

Restaurant Business (RS)  with ISSN 0097-8043 is multi-disciplinary journals for management studies, business, economics, ecommerce, finance, trade, banking, insurance, commerce, hospitality, tourism, planning, development studies and allied fields. The journal is open access and available electronically around the world.
Scopus Indexed Journal available at . Researchers can find the Restaurant Business (RS) Journal Journal Home Page with Issues and Archives at 
UGC Approved Journal no. 10549 at RS is working for publication and promotion of research through throughout the world. Scholars are requested to submit papers for publication in Scopus Indexed and UGC Approved journal - Restaurant Business (RS) 
Email to submit Papers for publication is 

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