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Model Reading Strategies for Comprehension

"But I'm not a reading teacher. I teach literature." I hear this comment repeated again and again as I coach teachers in Virginia, New York, and Michigan and conduct workshops for middle and high school teachers around the country.

I'm sympathetic to their words because these teachers have had little to no formal training in teaching reading. However, reading is a part of daily learning, not only in the primary grades, but in grades 4 and up; and more than 8 million students in grades 4 to 12 are struggling readers. In addition, high school students in the lowest 25 percent of their class are 20 times more likely to drop out of school than are excellent and proficient learners.

Embrace Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizer... that’s just a fancy name for a worksheet, right?

Well, not exactly. A graphic organizer is designed to present information in a different, more visual way. These organizers can increase student comprehension because they help students categorize and make sense of the information they are given. They also take the intimidation out of writing assignments because students aren't staring at a blank page.

Play Fair with ClassTools

I don't know about you, but I always want to be sure that I am playing fair in my classroom. It takes a lot of practice to actively engage students, call on random students and keep the pace of the lessson. ClassTools can help you do this for free!

By using the Random Name or Word Picker tool, fairness comes with one click of the mouse.

Students as Activists: Youth Cancer Advocate Carolyn Rubenstein Interview

Carolyn Rubenstein shows just what students can accomplish. At just 15, Carolyn started her own non-profit group to start pen pal programs between students and young cancer patients. Carolyn, now 24, has expanded the program to provide cancer survivor's with college scholarships. She shares some of their stories in her new book Perseverence: True Voices of Cancer Survivors.

Her example shows the power of student activism while removing the stigma surrounding students with cancer or other serious illnesses.

Educators Behaving Badly

I've recently heard/read a few stories where educators' behavior surprised me - nothing outrageous, but it made me questioned why the behavior we teach and preach to students isn't extended beyond the classroom.

Read about The Discouraging Principal & The Disruptive Teachers

Have you experienced educators behaving badly? Share your story in the comments section or take the poll!

The Many Faces of Parent Teacher Night

Despite being one of the two nights a year that we are contractually obligated to stay in the building after the final bell rings, I genuinely enjoy Parent Teacher Night… for the most part.

Parents to the Classroom Stars
A majority of the conferences are quite pleasant, the “you have a phenomenal child, you must be proud, keep it up” kind of talks. This does not mean that my school is teeming with phenomenal scholars but that the honor role students have parents who will make it to a parent teacher conference. These parents allow you to feel good about your career choice and your ability in the classroom and hell, throw in your charm and your ability name literary elements. Education Pays! Yeah!

However, every fifth conference or so is not as pleasant.

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